Personalized Treatment Plans for Autoimmune Diseases 

Autoimmune diseases represent conditions where the body mistakenly attacks healthy cells or affects them in an adverse way. The body may do this as a result of a genetic defect, the presence of certain infectious agents, or due to other factors that may be outside of the patient’s control. 

The Symptoms of Autoimmune Diseases

Treating these symptoms can often offer an increased quality of life for patients while minimizing the damage the body sustains. Symptoms of Autoimmune Diseases include: Inflammation in connective tissue, such as with rheumatoid arthritis

  • ✪  Excessive scar tissue buildup in certain areas
  • ✪  Damage to the organs
  • ✪  Loss of bone density
  • ✪  Chronic pain
  • ✪  Reduced motor function or capability

What Causes Autoimmune Diseases?

We offer personalized treatment plans for the various causes of autoimmune diseases, which include the following:

  • ✪  The presence of certain chemicals in the body, such as gluten
  • ✪  The effects of a previous immune response to bacteria or viral agents
  • ✪  Exposure to certain types of medical treatments
  • ✪  Sustaining certain injuries that may trigger the immune system to respond in an aggressive manner
  • ✪  Genetic predispositions

Preventing the Effects of Autoimmune Diseases

Prevention of Autoimmune Diseases focuses on treating both the causes and symptoms created by autoimmune problems.

  • ✪  Avoiding foods, drinks or chemicals that cause flare-ups of a disease
  • ✪  Adding anti-inflammatory agents like co-Q10 and omega-3 fatty acids to the diet
  • ✪  Undergoing regular aerobic exercise
  • ✪  Undertaking therapeutic activities to reduce the effect of symptoms

Risk Factors

Risk factors are generally difficult to completely eliminate, which means that reducing them is often the best that can be done. Risk factors include:

  • ✪  A family history of autoimmune conditions, which include conditions like rheumatoid arthritis
  • ✪  Exposure to hazardous chemicals like lead
  • ✪  African American, American Indian or Latino ethnicity
  • ✪  Being a woman, as autoimmune disorders tend to affect women 75 percent of the time